Part of Audax Group

Dura-Line is one of the leading manufacturers of HDPE ducts and micro ducts with sales of 10.000.000 km through more than 160 countries worldwide. Dura-Line is a leading supplier of telecom operators worldwide. They have 16 factories around the world to cover the world market.

All Dura-Line’s products are pre-lubricated with patented solid lubricant SILICORE™.

Why Dura-Line?

  • Proven efficiency in cable networking
  • Maximum space utilization
  • High flexibility of the network – spare ducts for future use
  • Minimization of installation costs, fast and easy installation of several pathways

Dura-line products are applicable for any network topology.

Dura-line offers a complete line of accessories such as connectors, end stops, branching boxes, gas blocks, sealings and tools to make your cable installation highly successful. All the accessories and tools are fully proved by major EU telecom providers, have been deployed in many countries all over the world and are quality certified. Dura-line’s cooperation with accessories designers and manufacturers gives us very high ¬flexibility and opportunity to meet all your special requirements. If the customer has a big project and cannot find the right products, Dura-line will take over and make one specially designed for the customer.

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