KABTEL dooel - Skopje started its commercial operations in October 2001 as a 100 % private capital company. It commenced moderately with just two employees Mr. Goran MITRESKI and Mrs. Anita DJUKOVIĆ and continuously increased the number of its employees. Today KABTEL belongs to the category of medium-sized Macedonian companies with over 50 employees. In an extremely short period, KABTEL emerged as a leader of the new wave of ICT services and expertise in the country with the highest quality of the level of services and the direct communication with customers, which has set new standards.
KABTEL officially becomes general and exclusive distributor of Nexans, formerly known under the brand of Alcatel Cables & Components, nowadays a well-known and the largest manufacturer of cables and cable systems & accessories worldwide. The brand which products are integrated into technologically the most advanced world famous buildings and industries such as: the largest passenger plane "Airbus 380", the European Parliament, the Palace of Versailles, the world's largest hotel chains, airports, seaports, ships, cars, the Twin Towers Petronas in Malaysia, and many other places. Nexans’ name is a synonym for top quality solutions with extremely high degree of reliability and R&D investments.
KABTEL is part of the project of the Electric Power Company of Macedonia (ESM) where it delivers and installs the equipment from Nexans Cabling Solutions category LANmark-6 Class E. Considering the invaluable importance for secure computer systems, KABTEL expands its portfolio with products of Kaspersky Lab, the world's best antivirus solutions. KABTEL obtains the exclusive distribution rights for products of Kaspersky Lab for Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo.
The Ministry of Finance of RM as an institution in which data security is extremely important, after a detailed analysis of the performance of several manufacturers of antivirus solutions chose KASPERSKY LAB as the most appropriate solution and KABTEL as a company that would deliver the software and help its implementation.
KABTEL gains the prestigious certification for a Certified Regional Training Center of Nexans Cabling Solutions. KABTEL is one of the first top training centers in the wider region for LAN structured cabling solutions (copper and optical networking). The Regional Training Centre is run by a highly skilled Nexans licensed local trainer, and thus it is able, even better, to transfer some of its expertise to other companies in the field of communications regarding the design and implementation of LAN networking solutions.
The acquiring of the status of Alcatel-Lucent Business Partner for sales, installation and administration of Enterprise Communication Systems of the OmniPCX generation, is a confirmation of the successful cooperation of KABTEL with Alcatel-Lucent, a company renowned for producing voice and data solutions as well as other advanced integrated communication solutions.

The products of Alcatel-Lucent and the cooperation with this reputable company once again positions KABTEL at the pedestal of being a leader in the field of modern communications in the Republic of Macedonia thus starting a new era in the field of communication. Namely, we create a blend of Classic and modern IP Telephony.

Within the period September to December, KABTEL designs and implements two key projects for KIBS AD Skopje, structured LAN Cabling System Cat 6/Class E for the premises of KIBS AD Skopje and an optical fiber cable for KIBS’ backup remote location. It is a pioneer project and first of its kind in Macedonia - placement of special designed OF cables in an atmospheric sewage between two distant locations within the city of Skopje.

KABTEL designs and implements LAN Structured Cabling System for the "Police Academy" buildings and premises - project with LANmark- 5 Class D, 2002.

KABTEL designs and implements the first LANmark-6 Class E 10G Structured Cabling System in Media Print Macedonia within the period of April-June.

As wireless services expand in the way we live and work, the need for safe and effective infrastructure around the world becomes very important. Since July, Radio Frequency Systems Business Partner there is a new partnership agreement of KABTEL by which we keep the pace of a company which can offer the market innovative and modern technologies from world famous companies. Radio Frequency Systems is a global leader in the development of radio antennas, cables and accessories systems and solutions.

KABTEL designs and implements number of capital projects including:

  • Macedonian Post, a corporate VoIP solution for 17 locations within the territory of the Republic of Macedonia
  • "Nova Makedonija building", a structured cabling system Cat-5e
  • "NATO Summit 2007 Ohrid" a structured cabling system LANmark- 5 Class D 2002
  • Feni Industry Kavadarci, connection of the plant to the mine “Rzhanovo”, as well as delivery and installation of Optical Infrastructure
  • "Boris Trajkovski Sports Hall", a structured cabling system LANMark-6
  • VIP, delivery and installation of Alcatel radio base stations, antennas and coaxial cables for GSM base stations
“A computer for every Child” is a project by which Macedonia stands out as the first and only country in the world which enables a use of a computer in the school system for every kid and an access for each and every pupil and student to the global Internet network.

For the successful completion of this capital project of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, KABTEL and NEXANS, as a long-term and trustful partner of KABTEL, are selected in the section of LAN cabling. Under the severe supervision of Macedonian Telecom as a Project Management company chosen by the Government, KABTEL in cooperation with NEXANS successfully deploys LANmark-5 F2TP Shielded Structured Cabling System.

A total length of 261.000 meters of LANmark-5 F2TP screened cable. Total installed 15.724 links in the first phase in secondary schools, which successfully completes in 2008.

For the first time in its history KABTEL is ranked within the 200 most successful companies in the Republic of Macedonia.

Kabtel manages to get a second contract for the project "A Computer for every child" cabling for 365 primary schools nationwide, including about 5,000 classrooms. A third contract signed with the Ministry of education and science of the Republic of Macedonia for 213 local primary schools, including about 830 classrooms. A project with more than 700.000 meters of cables, over 100.000 connections, etc …

In March, Goran MITRESKI, the Founder & CEO of KABTEL, is elected Chairman of the Managing Board of MASIT – Macedonian ICT Chamber of Commerce with a 2-year mandate.

For the project “Fiber to Every Home“, KABTEL signs a framework agreement with the Macedonian Telecom.

Once again, KABTEL is enlisted in the prestigious club of 200 most successful companies in the Republic of Macedonia.

Goran MITRESKI, the Founder & CEO of KABTEL, is among the best three employers in the category of up to 100 employees. The selection is actually ranking companies which apply best practices in Human Capital Management.

KABTEL is one of the first companies in Macedonia, which in June acquires a Certification System for IT Services Management ISO/IEC 20000-1:2005. In addition, the company obtains a Certification System for Quality Management ISO 9001:2008.

Goran MITRESKI is elected a Vice Chairman of WITSA (World ICT Service Alliance) in charge of Eastern Europe with a 2-year mandate.

It is a year when KABTEL celebrates the 10th establishment anniversary.

In February, KABTEL officially opens an office in Tirana, Albania. It is KABTEL’s asset for the first time abroad, expecting new ones to follow soon in Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro and Bosnia.

“The Most Promising Partner of the Year” for “Emerging Markets” - Kaspersky Lab, in Cape Town, South Africa

This prestigious prize is awarded at the largest conference of Kaspersky Lab, organized for all partners in the region of EMEA and South America. The award is personally handed over to KABTEL’s Founder & Chairman by Eugene KASPERSKY; the Chairman & CEO of Kaspersky Lab. KABTEL wins this award as a result of increased sales and results achieved in terms of expansion of the sales network in the Republic of Macedonia and regional markets.

In June, KABTEL as an extension to the successful project of USAID/DPK Consulting for implementation of law in the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Macedonia provides Kaspersky Lab software solution for antivirus and anti-spam protection through the package Kaspersky Business Space Security with 2.200 licenses.

KABTEL expands its portfolio with the brands Micros Fidelio, Cryptzone and Bizagi.

Micros Fidelio is a world leader in complete platforms for managing hotels, hospitals, casinos, retail chains.

Cryptzone is a leader in the software industry for minimizing the IT security risks. The whole business, all internal and external business activities and management of the company are based on processes.

Bizagi as a global leader which offers applications for managing business processes (BPMS).

“The Best Government and Public Sector Implementation for 2012” - Kaspersky Lab, Portorož, Slovenia

KABTEL designs and implements numerous large projects such as:

  • Huawei Technologies, T-Mobile Radio Access Network Modernization Project, Installation and commissioning of GSM, UMTS and LTE Base Stations. Installation and commissioning of MW links
  • Ading AD Skopje, OmniPCX Office Communication Edition (more than 100 extensions spread in heavy industry environment)
  • Carrefour Skopje, OmniPCX Enterprise Communication Server (3 voice communications nodes, part of a large corporate voice network in Europe)
  • Zegin Farm Skopje, OmniPCX Office Communication Edition (hybrid TDM and IP platform, mixed various IP terminals and full DECT indoor coverage)
  • Central Register of RM, OmniPCX Office Communication Edition (2PRI redundant trunks and full IP advanced IP extensions sets)
“The Best Business Initiatives” for “Emerging Markets” - Kaspersky Lab, Kiev, Ukraine

“Best xSP Implementation in 2013 “ - Kaspersky Lab, Dubrovnik, Croatia

KABTEL expands its portfolio with brands LANDE, ZENTYAL, CYBEROAM.

  • LANDE is a leader in manufacturing of networking and server cabinets (racks)
  • ZENTYAL, a global leader in infrastructure solutions for small and medium sized companies and corporations
  • CYBEROAM is a device that provides unified protection against attacks
KABTEL designs and implements a number of capital projects including:

  • Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Macedonia, Optical connecting Directorate of Public enterprise for state roads with toll roads: Petrovec, Miladinovci, Romanovce, Glumovo, Želino and Tetovo-1
  • Macedonian Telecommunications AD Skopje, Government IT network - connecting all ministries with optical connection and installation of active equipment
  • M-Zlatomir Trade, linking optical fiber cable with capacity of 96 fibers from Skopje to Tetovo for ONE Telecommunications Services AD Skopje
  • Ministry of Finance, Republic of Macedonia, Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business SELECT solution (500 licenses)
KABTEL expands its portfolio with the brand SAUTER Group, international partner for building management and room automation with more than 100 years of experience.

"The Best SMB Partner in 2014” - Kaspersky Lab, Budva, Montenegro

KABTEL designs and implements a number of capital projects including:

  • Renova, “Fiber to Every Home“ and “Fiber to Every Business“ projects
  • King ICT, Restoration, expansion and upgrading optical network for video surveillance in refinery OKTA, Skopje
  • Zepter International, Cyberoam, unified threat management to remote locations
  • Ministry of Health of the Republic of Macedonia – Gynecology, Cyberoam unified threat management for 200 users
  • Huawei Technologies, ONE Radio Access Network Modernization Project, Installation and commissioning of GSM, UMTS and LTE Base Stations. Installation and commissioning of MW links
  • Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Macedonia, Voice, data and video-ready communications integrated solution for 500 employees and 1000 devices by providing advanced business communications
  • Design and Installation of the BMS - Building Management System (BMS and EMP) in the Sports Centre Jane Sandanski Skopje
Kabtel expands its operations in the segment of fire protection, video surveillance, public addressing.

KABTEL designs and implements a large number of capital projects including:

  • National Hydro-meteorological Service in the Republic of Macedonia, Cyberoam Unified Threat Management for more than 100 users
  • Ministry of Health of the Republic of Macedonia, Turn-key solution, all in one telecommunication infrastructure project with cabling, switching and wireless solutions
  • MEPSO, Kaspersky Endpoint Security Solution, Protection for Exchange server (500 licenses)
  • GHENTERM, a structured cabling system LANMark-6 with 25-year Certified System Warranty, passive infrastructure in industrial environment
  • Kiro Dandaro A.D. - Bitola, a structured cabling system LANMark-6 with a 25-year Certified System Warranty, passive infrastructure in industrial environment
  • Tosama Trejd DOO - Skopje, design and installation of low-voltage and LAN Structured Cabling System with a 25-year Certified System Warranty, Video Surveillance and all-inclusive Active Telecommunication Solutions
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