Nexans is international commercial company with activities in more than 65 countries, with 300 industrial plants in 40 states and more than 25.000 employees. As initiator and bearer of national and international standards, Nexans in 2011 achieved sales of EUR 7 billion, which confirmed its dominance on the world market.

Nexans is voted “Cabling Supplier of the Year 2011” and “Cabling Supplier of the Year 2012”, by readers of European magazine Netcomms. It’s also awarded as “Structured Cabling Vendor of the Year 2013” on the Network World Middle East Awards 2013 Nexans offers a comprehensive range of products for telecommunications, energy and cable systems with a key factor in 4 important areas:

  • Infrastructure (Power Networks, Railway Networks, Telecom Networks, Airports...),
  • Industry (Oil, Gas & Petrochemical, Rolling Stock, Handling, Automotive, Automation, Shipbuilding, Navy & Offshore Topside, Aerospace & Military, Nuclear, Wind turbines...),
  • Building (Electrical installation cables, Fire Safety cables...) and
  • Local Area Network (Physical infrastructure Solutions,Intelligent infrastructure management).
Nexans build the future through innovation - Nexans solutions are at the center of the latest technological advancements:
  • Horns Rev: the biggest offshore windfarm worldwide,
  • Queen Mary II: the biggest cruise ship in the world,
  • Transrapid first magnetic levitation train in Shanghai,
  • Petronas Towers: 2 super skyscrapers in Malaysia,
  • Airbus A380: new generation of passenger aircraft.
Nexans achievements for celebration:
1st: Cat 6 cable
1st: Cat 6 connector patented technology
1st: THE only RJ45 format Cat 7 connector
1st: to develop multimode fibre to deliver Gigabit over 1000m

Nexans is one of the only companies that designs and controls manufacture of ALL components used, including:

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