Corporate Social Responsibility

A corporate social responsibility is an integral part of Kabtel. All products and services Kabtel creates and offers are originally designed to meet the needs and desires of customers from the surrounding, therefore we pay special attention on maintaining and improving the environment.

We have confirmed a significant sense of respect and support for culture, sport, science, music, health and education, many times by a number of donations and charity events:

  • Participation in the Car Show Gevgelija 2015
  • Sponsorship of the second Humanitarian cycling tour for children from SOS Children's Village
  • Humanitarian campaign to mark “16 October –World Food Day”
  • Humanity at Work - a blood donation campaign
  • Sponsorship of the charity festival “Moto Rock Fest - Kumanovo – A City of Bikes”
  • Sponsorship for “CONTACT” career expo organized by the Student Parliament of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies (SPFEEIT) in Skopje
  • Donation for PHV final workshop in the 2013-2015 cycles of the Red Cross
  • Sponsorship for the second event of “Strategy at the field” organized by the MBA Macedonia community
  • Participation in the 5 km Human and Active race at 2015 SKOPJE MARATHON
  • Sponsorship for the International Summer Course "Knowledge of communications - Welcome to the world of information," organized by the Board of European Students of Technology
  • Donation of computer equipment at the Institute for Lung Diseases in Children, Kozle
  • Sponsorship for the 6th HST World Radio Amateur Championship in Skopje
  • Donation events for the SOS Children's Village Skopje
  • Sponsorship for the humanitarian concert of the SOS Children's Village of Macedonia
  • Sponsorship for the basketball club Pelister Bitola
  • Sponsorship for the Youth School of MZT Skopje
  • Friends Club of SOS Children's Village
  • Sponsorship for the event regarding 50 - year studies at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies in Skopje
  • Free training for students and unemployed in the Regional Training Center of Nexans, Skopje
  • Sponsorship for the Folk Song and Dance Club Koco Racin Skopje
  • Sponsorship for Chamber of Information and Communication Technologies MASIT
  • Sponsorship for the book “Akvaduct” (dozen short stories) by Tony Mandzukovski – Mandzuk.
  • Sponsorship for Feel the Energy 2 organized by the Association of Students of Electrical Engineering EESTEC Local Committee Skopje
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