• Year 2010

    “The Best Employer in Macedonia 2010” – Triple S, Skopje, Macedonia

    Goran MITRESKI, the CEO of KABTEL, is among the best three employers in the category of up to 100 employees. The selection is actually ranking of the companies which apply the best practices in human assets management in the Republic of Macedonia.

  • Year 2011

    “The Most Promising Partner of the Year” for “Emerging Markets” - Kaspersky Lab, in Cape Town, South Africa

    This prestigious prize was awarded at the largest conference of KASPERSKY Lab, which is organized for all partners in the region of EMEA and South America. The award was handed to KABTEL personally by Mr. Eugene KASPERSKY, the Chairman & CEO of Kaspersky Lab. KABTEL won this award as a result of the increased sales and the results achieved in terms of expansion of the sales network in the Republic of Macedonia and the region.

  • Year 2012

    “The Best Government and Public Sector Implementation in 2012” - Kaspersky Lab, Portorož, Slovenia

    KABTEL won this award as a result of the increased sales in the public sector, over 15.000 licenses sold and installed in Macedonian public institutions among which the Supreme Court of the Republic of Macedonia, MEPSO, Ministry of Finance, Public Revenue Office, Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Information & Administration, …

  • Year 2013

    “The Best Business Initiatives” to “Emerging Markets” - Kaspersky Lab, Kiev, Ukraine

    Kaspersky Lab’s partner network within the territory of the Republic of Macedonia has 176 successful partners. The continuous success and sustained growth of our partners make KABTEL one of the most successful ICT companies in the Balkan region, maintaining the product and service portfolio by offerings full of the latest technological advances.

    “The Best xSP Implementation in 2013” - Kaspersky Lab, Dubrovnik, Croatia

    After six-months of a thorough preparation and the implementation which followed afterwards, KABTEL together with its partner Kaspersky Lab from the Russian Federation, introduced a unique subscription model through which all customers of Macedonian Telecom and T-Mobile Macedonia had a unique opportunity to use the products and services of Kaspersky Lab with both technical and sales 24x7 support.

  • Year 2014

    "The Best SMB Partner in 2014” - Kaspersky Lab, Budva, Montenegro

    KABTEL won this award as a result of the increased sales in Small and Medium Business market segment – Kaspersky Small Office Security AV Solution.

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  • ISO / IEC 20000-1:2011
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • License A for designing structures of 1st category
  • License A for construction contractor of 1st category
  • License B for construction contractor of 2nd category
"Computer for every child" is a project which makes Republic of Macedonia to stand out as the first and only country in the world which enables the use of computers in the education system for each and every child as well as access to the global internet network.

The successful realisation of this capital state-sponsored project was assigned to KABTEL and NEXANS, as KABTEL's trustful partner in the area of Structured Cabling Solutions.

The main functionality through KABTEL BMS-Building Management System is maximum comfort for the guests with maximum energy savings and full control of the operations of the hotel to protect against possible abuses.

KABTEL BMS offers savings in the phase of design and installation. By implementation of the system separation into urgent and non-urgent consumers, there is an optimal investment.

For comparison, a standard power supply requires a generator of approximately 100 KW for a hotel with 20 rooms and 3-5 conference halls. The investment that can be altered with the implementation of KABTEL BMS that requires a generator of approximately 20 KW and that will provide power supply only to urgent consumers. With the difference in prices of generators, which is about 9000 euro, you can pay for great deal of KABTEL BMS.

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