Easy to use and affordable IT infrastructure

Natively interoperable with Microsoft Active Directory and Microsoft Exchange Server.

SMBs constantly look for ways to reduce costs and increase productivity, especially in times of crisis like the one we are currently facing, operating under very limited budgets and limited workforces.

ZENTYAL has been designing and developing IT solutions for small and medium businesses since 2004, allowing to manage all network services such as Internet access, network security, resource sharing, network infrastructure or communications in an easy way via one single platform.

ZENTYAL-based solutions offer all the necessary functionality in a single package for one annual fee, integrating both server software and cloud services, together with IT infrastructure monitoring and remote system management options. Moreover, thanks to the ease of use they offer, the deployment and maintenance require very little time.

ZENTYAL makes it possible to manage all the small business IT infrastructure, from the server to the cloud, through an easy-to-use graphical interface.

ZENTYAL solutions are natively interoperable with Microsoft Active Directory and Microsoft Exchange Server, making migrations from existing systems fully transparent and easy.

Centralized management of users and groups, independently of the network services required or the location of the different offices offers significant savings in time and helps to avoid configuration errors, guaranteeing maximum system uptime.

ZENTYAL solutions have been specifically designed to respond to the needs of small and medium businesses and their local IT providers. In this type of environment, where there is a growing demand for IT, but the budgets are tight, ZENTYAL-based solutions are very competitive because they offer all the necessary functionality while requiring little time to deploy and maintain.

For more info contact us at: zentyal@kabtel.com.mk

Mail & Groupware Server

  • Email, calendars, contacts
  • Synchronization with mobile devices
  • Instant Messaging server
  • Natively Microsoft Exchange compatible

Office Server

  • LDAP Directory server
  • Compatibility with Microsoft Active Directory
  • GPO and OU support
  • File sharing & domain services
  • Printer sharing
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery

Network Infrastructure

  • DHCP, DNS & NTP server
  • Certification Authority
  • Web server and FTP server
  • UPS management

Gateway & UTM

  • Configurable Network Interfaces
  • Advanced Firewall & Routing
  • Traffic Shaping & QoS
  • Advanced HTTP proxy
  • Captive portal & RADIUS
  • Virtual Private Network
  • Intrusion Prevention System
  • Mail Filter