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Solutions to predict, prevent, detect and respond to cyberattacks

  • Kaspersky offers a huge portfolio of security solutions ranging from antivirus products for Home users, to complex integrated solutions helping cybersecurity professionals in SOCs and CERTs. Kaspersky products are regularly assessed by independent experts – and have won numerous industry awards, plus recognition from leading industry analysts, constantly finding their spot among the top vendors in market research performed by companies like Gartner, Forrester, The Radicati Group… Kaspersky’s security solutions for the Enterprise help customers to predict, prevent, detect and respond to cyberattacks.

  • Integrated-Endpoint-Security

    Integrated Endpoint Security

    The Integrated Endpoint Security delivers an effective defense against wide range of common and advanced threats targeting organizations, without stretching customer’s resources. Kaspersky’s multi-layered approach, combining a full stack of powerful protection, detection and response technologies in one tightly integrated solution, protects customers against attacks. In addition, the granular controls with category-based whitelisting databases make it easy to enforce policies specifying which applications or online resources the users can access, and when.
    Products included:
    – Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business
    – Kaspersky Sandbox
    – Kaspersky EDR Optimum

  • Industrial-Cybersecurity

    Industrial CyberSecurity

    Kaspersky Industrial Cybersecurity is a portfolio of technologies and services designed to secure every industrial layer, including SCADA servers, HMI, engineering workstations, PLCs, network connections and people – without impacting on operational continuity and the consistency of industrial processes.
    In its core, lay the products which help customers monitor and protect all layers of their industrial networks:
    – KICS for Nodes (Industrial Endpoint Protection)
    – KICS for Networks (Industrial Anomaly and Breach Detection)
    – Kaspersky Security Center (Centralized Security Management)
    To provide the complete picture of protection, Kaspersky also provides expert services and intelligence as well as training and awareness programs for both employees and administrators.

  • Threat-Management-and-Defense

    Threat Management and Defense

    Kaspersky Threat Management and Defense delivers a unique combination of leading technologies and services to support the implementation of an Adaptive Security Strategy – helping security teams to prevent attacks, rapidly detect unique new threats, respond swiftly and accurately to live incidents, and predict future threats.
    The solution can be integrated into the customer’s current corporate strategy addressing complex threats, complementing existing protection technologies and supporting interaction with already deployed SIEM/SOC solutions.
    It is comprised of its core elements:
    – Kaspersky Anti-Targeted Attack Platform
    – Kaspersky EDR
    Paired with wide range of Cybersecurity and Expert Services, customers get all-round intelligent and adaptive security for their organization.

  • Threat-Intelligence

    Kaspersky Threat Intelligence

    Counteracting modern cyber threats requires a 360-degree view of the tactics and tools used by threat actors. Generating this intelligence and identifying the most effective countermeasures requires constant dedication and high levels of expertise. With petabytes of rich threat data to mine, advanced machine-learning technologies and a unique pool of world experts, Kaspersky constantly works to support its customers with the latest threat intelligence from all around the world, helping them maintain immunity to even previously unseen cyber-attacks.
    This carefully gathered, filtered and analyzed data is delivered to the end customers in an organized, actionable way through various reporting, feed and analysis tools:
    – Threat Data Feeds
    – APT Intelligence Reporting
    – Financial Threat Intelligence Reporting
    – Digital Footprinting Intelligence
    – Threat Lookup
    – Cloud Sandbox

  • ent-new-white-cloud-security-77-77

    Hybrid Cloud Security

    Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security solution provides outstanding multi-layered protection to multi-cloud environments. Wherever critical business data is processed or stored – in a private or public cloud, or both – Kaspersky delivers a perfectly balanced combination of agile, continuous security and superior efficiency, protecting customer’s data against the most advanced current and future threats without compromising on systems performance.
    It helps customers protect, control and gain all-round visibility into their physical and virtual servers, VDI, storage, and even data channels in their private cloud, or their workloads in public clouds including AWS and Azure.
    Products included:
    – Kaspersky Security for Virtualization Agentless or Light Agent
    – Kaspersky Security for Windows Servers
    – Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Linux

  • rsz_product-icon-security-cloud-77x77-1

    Home and SOHO

    Kaspersky Home and SOHO products provide outstanding multi-layered protection for your home or small office devices. Wherever you need to protect PCs, laptops, Mac or Android devices, Kaspersky’s security suite has it all covered. Protect your private data from traditional malware and ransomware, block unauthorized access to your camera, protect your bank payments with top-grade encryption and maintain your privacy with a built-in VPN functionality. Additionally, make use of great parental control features to protect your loved ones from the dangers lurching in the digital world.
    Products included:
    – Kaspersky Anti-Virus
    – Kaspersky Internet Security
    – Kaspersky Total Security
    – Kaspersky Small Office Security
    – Kaspersky Safe Kids


Kaspersky's diverse portfolio provides unique range of benefits

  • Maintain your IT hygiene

    Protects your organization against common threats as well as ransomware, drastically reducing the risk of operational, data or financial losses.

  • Toolkit for advanced security

    Helps advanced IT Security or SOC teams tackle complex and targeted threats with tools that help them tackle current and predict future threats targeting their organizations.

  • Assess the risks

    Helps C-Level staff as well as Security teams to assess, reduce or completely mitigate cybersecurity risks associated with their organizations by leveraging top notch Threat Intelligence and Reporting products and services.

  • Protect what’s critical

    Kaspersky helps protect critical and sensitive infrastructure like industrial networks, ATMs, embedded systems, IoT devices and more.

  • Train your staff

    Kaspersky provides consultancy as well as cybersecurity and awareness training for both employees and IT staff, with vast range of common and advanced topics.

  • Helping hand

    Kaspersky offers a helping hand by providing variety of services like Incident Response, Digital forensics, Malware analysis, Threat hunting and more.

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The industry sectors served include

  • banking

    Financial Services

    Helps financial services providers to implement an adaptive security strategy to achieve compliance and protect their customers.

  • teleco


    Security solutions specifically designed to deliver optimum security levels to all components.

  • healthcare


    Solution designed to protect these systems against attacks targeting their contents and exploiting their limitations.

  • retail


    Protects your customer’s data and privacy against threats targeting digital economy and retail businesses.

  • industrial


    Provides protection for critical industry infrastructure and protects industrial processes from getting compromised.

  • transport


    Transportation security solutions covering all aspects of IT security, from ticket machines and operator terminals to back office systems and large-scale datacenters.

  • energy


    Protects critical services such as energy production and supply from getting shut down.

  • data-center

    Data Centers

    Security solution for modern data centers, providing protection for both virtualized environments and corporate data storage systems.


About Kaspersky

Kaspersky is a global cybersecurity company founded in 1997. Kaspersky’s deep threat intelligence and security expertise is constantly transforming into innovative security solutions and services to protect businesses, critical infrastructure, governments and consumers around the globe. The company’s comprehensive security portfolio includes leading endpoint protection and a number of specialized security solutions and services to fight sophisticated and evolving digital threats. Kaspersky technologies help over 400 million users and over 250,000 corporate clients protect what matters most to them.

As a global company, Kaspersky operates in 200 countries and territories and have 34 offices in more than 30 countries. Its team consists of more than 4,000 highly qualified specialists.

In the Macedonian market, Kaspersky is present through its Platinum Partner – Kabtel DOOEL, Skopje.


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