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Trellix is uniquely positioned to solve all your cybersecurity needs.

  • Trellix is a global company redefining the future of cybersecurity. The company’s open and native extended detection and response (XDR) platform helps organizations confronted by today’s most advanced threats gain confidence in the protection and resilience of their operations. Trellix’s security experts, along with an extensive partner ecosystem, accelerate technology innovation through machine learning and automation to empower over 40,000 business and government customers.

  • Integrated-Endpoint-Security

    XDR Engine

    Data is ingested, correlated, and contextualized with threat intelligence. Built-in playbooks provide an integrated analyst experience with automated remediation.
    – Ingests data from Trellix best-of-breed native security controls
    – Open data integrations from 1000+ third-party sources out of the box
    – Multi-vector, multi-vendor detections that prioritize threats
    – Extends contextualization with threat intel from native and third-party source
    – Built-in playbooks for SaaS-based and on-premises response and orchestration

  • Threat-Management-and-Defense

    Collaboration Security

    Create highly complex interconnected networks of external partners, suppliers, vendors, contractors, and customers. Digital transformation initiatives have transformed both the nature and velocity of collaboration— introducing a largely unprotected attack vector, and creating significant challenges for security defenders.

    Trellix Collaboration Security ensures people can work together securely across the extended enterprise.

  • Threat-Management-and-Defense

    Security Operations and Analytics

    Conduct streamlined, efficient SecOps from a holistic foundation. Make your organization more resilient and confident with Trellix Security Operations. Filter out the noise and cut complexity to deliver faster, more effective SecOps. Integrate your existing security tools and connect with over 650 Trellix solutions and third-party products.

  • Threat-Intelligence

    Cloud Security

    Protect against attacks and secure your hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure. Elevate your security with cloud-delivered infrastructure and email solutions to stay safe no matter where your assets are located. You’ll get complete visibility, proactive protection, and scalability to fuel growth and optimize costs.

  • ent-new-white-cloud-security-77-77

    Data protection

    Empower your enterprise to discover, monitor, and protect sensitive data, centralize management and reporting, and synchronize on-premises and cloud policies. Gain confidence that your sensitive data is safe with Trellix Data Protection solutions.

  • ent-new-white-cloud-security-77-77

    Network Security

    Detect the undetectable and stop evasive attacks. Trellix Network Detection and Response (NDR) helps your team focus on real attacks, contain intrusions with speed and intelligence, and eliminate your cybersecurity weak points.

  • Threat-Management-and-Defense

    Threat Intelligence

    Trellix Threat Intelligence provides actionable information about threat actors and behaviors leveraging data from hundreds of millions of connected sensors globally to keep you one step ahead of cyber threats and adversaries.

  • Threat-Management-and-Defense

    Endpoint security

    Protect and empower your workforce with an integrated security framework that protects every endpoint. Trellix Endpoint Security (ENS) solutions apply proactive threat intelligence and defenses across the entire attack lifecycle to keep your organization safer and more resilient.

  • Threat-Management-and-Defense

    Cloud Security

    Elevate your security with cloud-delivered infrastructure and email solutions to stay safe no matter where your assets are located. You’ll get complete visibility, proactive protection, and scalability to fuel growth and optimize costs.


Trellix's diverse portfolio provides unique range of benefits

  • Keep ahead of cyber threats

    Stay proactive and prepared with predictive assessments based on global intelligence combined with your current security posture.

  • Secure data wherever it resides

    Protect business-critical information—at rest and in motion—on your network, in the cloud, and at your endpoints. Simplify compliance and management.

  • Turn-key Threat Intelligence

    Actionable threat intelligence and real-time indicators assist in detecting and responding to the latest cybersecurity threats.

  • Detect the undetected

    Trellix helps you detect and respond to real cyber attacks, using speed and intelligence to contain intrusions and eliminate vulnerabilities.

  • Integrated, proactive security ecosystem

    Streamline incident response, bolster security, and automate workflows with advanced orchestration.

  • Flexible, comprehensive security

    Proactively protect your business by managing and securing your multi-cloud environment, scaling as your organization grows.

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The industry sectors served include

  • banking

    Financial Services

    Assists financial service providers in implementing an adaptable security strategy that ensures compliance and safeguards their clients.

  • teleco


    Benefit from our security solutions that are specifically designed to provide maximum security to all components.

  • healthcare


    Solution designed to protect systems from content-based attacks and limitations exploitation

  • transport


    Our solution safeguards the data and privacy of your customers from digital threats that target businesses in the retail and digital economy sectors.

  • industrial


    This service offers protection for critical infrastructure in industries and ensures that industrial processes remain uncompromised.

  • transport


    Our transportation security solutions cover all IT security aspects, including ticket machines, operator terminals, back office systems, and large-scale data centers.

  • energy


    It safeguards vital services such as energy generation and distribution against shutdowns.

  • data-center

    Data Centers

    Trellix security solution provides protection for virtualized environments and corporate data storage systems in modern data centers.


About Trellix

Trellix, formerly known as FireEye and McAfee Enterprise, is an exceptional cybersecurity company. The company has a remarkable track record in detecting and preventing major cybersecurity attacks and has positioned itself as a leader in the industry. Trellix provides a comprehensive range of hardware, software, and services to investigate such attacks, protect against malicious software, and analyze IT security risks. With its expertise and cutting-edge technology, Trellix is at the forefront of the fight against cyber threats and remains a trusted partner for individuals and organizations around the world.

We knew security could be different, we are offering a fresh, new approach. Fast enough to keep up with dynamic threats. Intelligent enough to learn from them. We are constantly evolving to keep the upper hand.

Trellix brings you a living XDR architecture that adapts at the speed of threat actors and delivers advanced cyber threat intelligence. We’re changing what security means and what it can do, giving your organization the confidence that comes with being secure.

KABTEL delivers advanced cybersecurity solutions using Trellix technology, custom-tailored to meet your organization’s needs.




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