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  • photovoltaic
    Photovoltaic Power Plants

    New technology trends such as Internet of Things, Block-chain and Artificial intelligence bring great benefits to users and contributors. That is why Robotina is empowering people to use smart and energy efficient grids in order to save energy, money and reduce the pollution of our planet. Robotina employs their own team of highly trained engineers and technicians to design, install, maintain and control the operation of photovoltaic power plants in accordance to the highest possible standards. What Robotina delivers is:
    • Construction of photovoltaic power plants.
    • Complete supervision and management of photovoltaic power plants.
    • Energy management systems and optimization of green production and consumption

  • building
    Building Management

    What the goal of an intelligent building is: the use of modern technologies to create a safe, comfortable, functional and energy-efficient living and working environment. As it involves the intertwining of all aspects, the integration of technologies and systems is essential.
    Integra BM covers all the key goals and functionalities mentioned above:
    • Lighting management
    • Shade management for a safe and comfortable stay and energy efficiency
    • Video intercom
    • Scenes, schedules
    • Alarming locally and via ICT
    • Multimedia
    • Automatic provision of ideal temperature and humidity with efficient use of renewable energy sources
    • Controlled ventilation with heat recovery
    • Access control
    • Easy system connection with other systems in the building

  • industrial
    Industrial Automation

    From being just a component provider, Robotina has expanded its portfolio and started offering complete solutions to the market. Engineering in the field of industrial automation has the longest tradition and a range of experience in the company. Rich knowhow and situation analysis enables the team at Robotina to deliver customer consulting, implementation from idea to start-up, and monitoring, maintenance and improvement of the system throughout its life cycle. Moreover, in cases where standard solutions are not sufficient, Robotina can help with its own development and production of industry-oriented products and solutions.
    Industries covered are:
    • Food and dairy production and manufacturing
    • Chemicals production
    • Oli production and refineries
    • Metallurgy

  • hotel
    HIQ Hotel

    HIQ Hotel is a ready-made solution in terms of hotel room automation. All systems found in hotel rooms are covered, such as temperature control and management (which setting limits and modes are set/managed via the reception), lighting, SOS, access control or the detection of presence of a guest. The system supports the “power saver” function, which means that when the guest is not in the room, the systems in the room operate in reduced mode or are turned off. HIQ Hotel also includes a window openness detection function which serves for optimal temperature control. Guests can operate the room locally via easy-to-use control panels (the front panels can be adapted to the look of the hotel logo) or smaller touch panels.
    HIQ Hotel is easily expandable both in terms of the functionality of the room itself as well as vertically, i.e integration with other systems in the hotel, such as: hotel CNS, HIS system, etc.
    The range of functionalities covered by HIQ Hotel will satisfy the most demanding guests as well as of course the hotel owners.

  • residential
    HIQ Home

    HIQ is a system of devices and software for home automation. Primary function is control of home equipment – lights, blinds, heating and cooling; but it can also cover more sophisticated functions, like energy management. It consists of simple autonomous units which together create a complex and unique system. Units are connected to each other with a common power supply and communication bus. Units may be combined in many different ways. Although basically very simple, expansion capabilities are virtually unlimited. System is configurable, programmable, and two or more basic systems can integrate together. HIQ can be used equally well both for new projects and adaptations. For a basic functionality, the only specialist needed is electrician. No expert is needed for project (generic project can be used for most installations), programming (basic functions are available out of the box), or configuration (system is configured by user). User can select units without assistance, there are no complicated compatibility or dependency rules. Use what you like now, upgrade any time later.

  • infrastructure
    Infrastructure Automation

    Concern for quality and uninterrupted supply with clean water and management of the increasing amount of waste, together with the fact that most of these units operate without constant human presence, classify these use-cases among the most critical. An efficient automation solution without the risk of malfunctioning is key in these situations. Water intakes, reservoirs, complete water pipeline and waste water treatment plants are all very similar on several key specifications:
    • Continuous operation 24 hours every day of the week
    • No permanent human presence at the site
    • Remote central control and management of multiple dislocated units
    • Data transfer to a remote control center
    • Immediate malfunctions alarms in the control center and to the mobile phones of persons on duty
    Technology proven in many applications along with huge experience enables Robotina to deliver a quality solution which will meet all these demanding specifications.


Robotina solutions offer a unique set of benefits

  • Proven expertise

    Entrust your projects from start to finish to the most skilled engineers and technicians with more than 20 years of implementation experience.

  • Reduce costs, operate efficiently

    Optimize production processes and energy expenditure, reduce production costs and save business’ money.

  • Save the environment

    Use solutions that integrate green production and smart usage of energy to reduce pollution and save the environment.

  • Make buildings intelligent

    Create safe, comfortable, functional and energy-efficient living and working environments using intelligent building management.

  • Automate critical processes

    Modern, high performance SCADA for local and remote operational management. Control critical infrastructure and processes smartly and efficiently without the risk of malfunctions.

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The industry sectors served include

  • public-sector

    Public buildings

    Smart management and control for various systems in public building hosting large numbers of visitors.

  • healthcare


    Control and management of lighting, heating and cooling, elevators, energy use, heating stations and various medical equipment systems..

  • office

    Office Buildings

    Control and management of lighting, temperature, blinds, security systems and hardware in office, conference halls and common areas.

  • iot-white-512

    Smart City & IoT

    Solutions for full control, monitoring and the possibility of remote maintenance of different systems via the Internet.

  • industrial


    Full intelligent automation, control as well as visualization of production, transportation and storage processes for various industries.

  • residential

    Residential Buildings

    Optimal living environments with maximum energy efficiency and cost reduction, and minimal environmental impact.

  • infrastructure


    Automation, monitoring and control of critical infrastructure and processes with minimal human intervention and risk of error.

  • energy


    Full control, management and optimization of green energy production, storage and usage.


About Robotina

Robotina is an European company with 28 years of experience, employing over 50 experts in the development of smart technologies for the energy industry. Robotina’s main expertise is the optimization of smart electrical grids. Their vision of the future is based on the products and solutions developed by its key experts, who are members of two research and development (R&D) teams one of them registered as an institute. Robotina’s products, services and technologies have all been developed “in-house” by their experienced team of technicians and engineers. As a company committed to excellence, Robotina has obtained 7 patents and 5 international certificates relating to its technologies. They have successfully implemented projects in 25 countries and have more than 1 million connected points worldwide today. Their production facilities are in Slovenia and in order to be close to its customers Robotina has offices in UK, Singapore, Croatia, Dubai (UAE) and India.

One of the proud partners of Robotina is also KABTEL dooel, Skopje.


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