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  • Nexans Cabling Solutions (NCS) provides exceptional infrastructure design, products, maintenance and support for LANs worldwide. Nexans’ products set the standards in their class. The company constantly improves its products and technologies at its own research facility, aided by professionals in the field of data transfer systems and solutions. Every Nexans’ LAN component meets all current standards, yet at the same time, are unique creations in design, features and customer advantages. The company is among the world leaders in the telecommunications equipment market. Automated assembly processes for the most sensitive cable communication equipment ensure high quality installation. And superior line and channel properties help ensure a level of reliability exemplified by a 25-year warranty on applications and component quality. Official Certified System Partners also offer a highly competitive labor-cost warranty.

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    Nexans offer the full range of copper LAN systems to ensure we can provide the solution most suited for your needs, which includes:

    •     All performance levels: Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 7 & voice grade
    •     All construction types : UTP, FTP, S-FTP, PiMF
    •     Modular connectivity based on ‘Snap-in’ and ‘808’ connectivity
    •     Guaranteed Application support with extended distance

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    A full spectrum of Nexans LANmark fiber solutions is available for various performance levels and constructions to meet different applications and environmental conditions. LANmark fibre solutions approach offers flexibility and scalability for campus and building backbones, horizontal cabling applications, device termination in data centers and storage area networks. Nexans fibre solutions are a fully integrated element of our LAN systems and covered within the system warranty. The range includes:

    •     Cables
    •     Connectivity
    •     Hardware
    •     Pre-Terminated Fibre Assemblies

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    Sophisticated, reliable control has come to LAN management. LANsense is the world’s leading Intelligent Infrastructure Management (IIM) solution featuring flexible, open architecture that works in conjunction with most existing network management systems. It provides unprecedented network security and advanced asset management features. LANsense provides visibility of a physical network by automatically mapping, locating, reporting and alerting on any network ‘event’, whether this is the logical connection/disconnection of a device or a physical change to the infrastructure. By ascertaining network physical and logical connectivity in real-time, LANsense can discover what devices are connected where, providing 100% accurate records and can be configured to raise alerts on unauthorized activity day or night. LANsense components:

    •     LANsense Software – The LANsense software is a control and reporting tool. Three levels of software are available: LANsense, LANsense Enterprise Edition, LANsense Data Center Edition
    •     Analysers – the LANsense analysers detect the port connectivity in the patch panels and feed the output to the software database.
    •     Patch Panels and Cords – LANsense patch panels and cords incorporate sensor circuits to detect the insertion or removal of cords


Improve your infrastructure with Nexans solutions

  • Efficiency

    Achieve high bandwidth and guaranteed performance even in the harshest environments.

  • Reliability

    Infrastructure solutions that made out of highest quality materials, are easy to install and have maximum durability.

  • Improved costs

    Nexans saves your money by adapting products to your specifications and by speeding up installations thanks to innovative designs and field support.

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The industry sectors served include

  • public-sector

    Public buildings

    Smart management and control for various systems in public building hosting large numbers of visitors.

  • healthcare


    Control and management of lighting, heating and cooling, elevators, energy use, heating stations and various medical equipment systems..

  • office

    Office Buildings

    Control and management of lighting, temperature, blinds, security systems and hardware in office, conference halls and common areas.

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    Smart City & IoT

    Solutions for full control, monitoring and the possibility of remote maintenance of different systems via the Internet.

  • industrial


    Full intelligent automation, control as well as visualization of production, transportation and storage processes for various industries.

  • residential

    Residential Buildings

    Optimal living environments with maximum energy efficiency and cost reduction, and minimal environmental impact.

  • infrastructure


    Automation, monitoring and control of critical infrastructure and processes with minimal human intervention and risk of error.

  • energy


    Full control, management and optimization of green energy production, storage and usage.


About Nexans

Nexans is a global player in the cable and optical fiber industry. Nexans was founded in 2000 as a business unit of the telecommunications firm Alcatel after its acquisition of a number of companies in the cable sector. Nexans connects people, businesses, cities and continents through a comprehensive range of differentiated connectivity solutions, including LAN cabling, telecom solutions, FTTx networks, as well as solutions for hyper scale data centers and submarine infrastructure.
As a global company, Nexans operates in more than 65 countries, with 300 industrial plants in 40 states and more than 25.000 employees.
Nexans build the future through innovation and Nexans solutions are at the center of the latest technological advancements.
Nexans offers a huge portfolio of LAN cabling, telecom solution, FTTx networks, data centers etc.

KABTEL DOOEL, Skopje is a proud partner and certified training center for Nexans solutions.


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