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Building automation with maximum energy efficiency

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    Intelligent building automation

    Building automation is the brain of a building. Accordingly, the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems act as the heart of a building. They provide the energy depending on the demand and the desired room conditions. This energy is distributed via the heat carriers air and water. In this context, SAUTER’s HVAC controllers are the intelligence of the system technology and ensure energy-efficient operation of the systems. We achieve maximum comfort with minimum energy input with demand-driven operation. This is ensured by communicative room automation via the protocol BACnet communication standard. This leads to reduced operating costs and is essential for good results in Green-Building-Certifications.

  • Suitable systems for every size of installation

    SAUTER portfolio ranges from simple standard HVAC solutions to complex individual solutions. For small and medium-sized installations, the use of configurable controllers from the SAUTER flexotron and SAUTER equitherm product families is recommended. Universal and freely programmable, automation stations from the modulo 5 and modulo 6 system families can be used for installations of all kinds.

  • Comprehensive solution libraries

    With the SAUTER CASE Suite software, we have a solution library with functions for project-specific implementation of the EN 15232 standard (energy efficiency of buildings) and the VDI 3813 “Room automation functions” and VDI 3814 “Building automation” directives. Our libraries are equipped for all control engineering tasks and provide the basis for the energy-efficient operation of any type of installation.

  • Software solutions for management and visualization

    Flexible and efficient building management requires a full overview and comprehensive control. SAUTER’s software solutions for management and visualization make it easier to control and monitor the individual components of building and room automation, and are a prerequisite for energy-efficient building management. 

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    Room automation

    Room automation is a part of the building automation. “Integrated room automation” refers to the control of room climate, lighting and sun protection. On the one hand, this integration’s advantages lie in the simplified operation by the user and, on the other hand, in significant improvements in energy efficiency. A room controller or a room automation station guarantee minimum energy consumption, they are responsible for sun protection and lighting and regulate the room temperature. The room thermostat controls the air conditioning system and ensures a comfortable temperature, depending on the current occupancy and external influences such as sunlight and outside temperature.
    With our solutions for room automation, we cover all the customer’s requirements for pleasant working spaces and functional rooms.

  • Room climate

    The flexibility of SAUTER room automation creates optimum conditions for every room. Be it office building, hotel, hospital, shopping center, school or museum: SAUTER adapts room automation individually to the use of space by each customer and each construction project. This results in a holistic and tailor-made solution for integrating the indoor climate, lighting, and sun protection. Room automation can be seamlessly integrated into system automation and building management.

  • Solar protection

    An automatic control of sun shading is absolutely necessary, especially in modern buildings with large glass surfaces. By simply closing of the sun shading in strong sunlight the building is protected from overheating, however, it leads to darkened workspaces with artificial light. The sun position-guided control of the sun shading system helps users to optimally use the sunlight and not be blinded. Additionally, the use of presence-dependent constant light control ensures appropriate lighting with minimum energy consumption – and conveys safety.

  • Flexibility

    Companies and their office buildings are subject to constant change: an open space office becomes an individual or group office, partitions are erected or removed. SAUTER Room Automation supports flexible room by use of the concept of modular room segments (moving wall). A building or an office floor is divided into segments (e.g. one window width) and automated accordingly. Depending on the use of space, these room segments can be combined to form rooms with a consolidated control of temperature, lighting, glare shield, and solar shading.

  • Lighting

    In addition to controlling the indoor climate with heating, cooling, and ventilation, lighting plays a very important role. With SAUTER room controllers, lighting can be seamlessly integrated into room control and central visualisation in the Building Management System (BEMS). Thus, the technical service always has an overview of all parameters in the room, corridors or buildings and can react quickly to fault messages such as defective lamps.


Intelligent Building Management solutions for a wide range of benefits

  • Energy-efficient & environmentally friendly

    Reduces energy expenditure thus decreases CO2 production and helps preserve the environment.

  • Compatible & versatile

    Easy integration with Building Management Systems through open communication and standardized protocols.

  • Transparency and visualization of energy consumption

    To be able to use SAUTER EMS, just a simple web browser is required. This makes access possible from anywhere – with the displays (either global or user-dependent) filtered centrally or locally.

  • Continuous optimization for long-term cost cutting

    Because of the comprehensive statistical analyses and the comparisons based on benchmarks, direct comparisons and long-term analyses, large cost reductions are possible.

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The industry sectors served include

  • office

    Office Buildings

    Provide the ultimate comfort for your employees by using the integration of air-conditioning, lighting and automated sun shading.

  • healthcare


    SAUTER automation solutions provide the right climate control without interruption, for the benefit of patients, nursing staff and visitors –  safely and reliably 24/7.

  • retail


    Make the shopping experience pleasant and increase customer satisfaction while keeping your operating costs down.

  • industrial


    Optimize your industrial facilities, making them optimally air-conditioned and comprehensively monitored by a building management system.

  • transport


    Control the climate and monitor the ambient conditions without any gaps to ensure the quality of the goods being transported. 

  • hotel

    Hotels & Leisure

    Guarantee your guests the optimal ambient conditions during their stay by leveraging temperature and lighting regulation, as well as blinds control.

  • public-sector

    Public Buildings

    Make the room temperature constant and the air quality high in an energy efficient manner, despite high numbers of visitors.

  • residential

    Residential Buildings

    Make building automation widely available, easy to operate and user-friendly, while providing residents with a pleasant living environment and big money savings.


About Sauter

For more than 100 years, the globally active SAUTER Group, based in Basel (Switzerland) with a new development and production site in Freiburg (Germany), has provided products, expertise and solutions for building management and room automation over the entire building life cycle.

They have grown significantly in recent years and now employ 2,400 people worldwide and have a turnover of approx. €400 million, making us one of the leading providers in the building automation sector.

Their product range is distinguished by its Swiss quality and covers services, projects and facility management.

Their flat, flexible organization enables us to respond quickly as a manufacturer to new market requirements.

KABTEL DOOEL, Skopje is a partner for SAUTER solutions in Macedonia.


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