The new center is located on the main highways and is easily accessible to all visitors and service users. It has been built and equipped to the cutting edge standards that Volvo Truck Corporation applies to this type of facilities in Europe.

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Integrated solution


Integrated access control solution, video surveillance, VOIP communication solution, as well as network infrastructure.

Products and solutions

Several security systems, as well as communication infrastructure, are integrated into the facility.

  • A monitoring system, access, and detection of working hours control system – Installation, implementation, setup, and commissioning of a complete video surveillance system with a combination of IP and AHD cameras in order to fully secure the exterior and interior of the facility. The access control system has dual control. All events of the access control system and the records of working hours are monitored centrally through software installed on the PC in the facility’s server
  • Fire alarm system – Based on the facility’s and the project’s needs, an addressable 2-loop fire extinguisher has been installed, according to the project solution for the system. Addressable optical fire detectors, addressable thermal detectors, addressable manual fire alarm,s and addressable fire alarm sirens have been installed as elements of the early fire detection system, with full integration and implementation of the fire alarm system.
  • Gas detection system – The gas detection system consists of 12 gas detectors, i.e. 6 CO detectors and 6 LPG detectors, installed in the
    servicing section of the facility.
    Anti-panic lighting installation – Anti-panic lighting with directions
    for the safe evacuation of the facility.
  • Computer and telephone installation – Complete cable installation with CAT7 S-FTP cable according to the user’s project. Two RACK cabinets have been installed with all the necessary equipment for network functionality.


KABTEL offers fully integrated solutions, configured based on customer needs, on a turnkey principle, including as follows: communication solutions, LAN networks, wifi solutions, internet security (antivirus solutions and firewall, BMS (smart solutions), electrical installations, access control systems, working hours control systems, video surveillance, anti-panic lighting, all integrated into a multifunctional connected system with countless functionalities for optimal operation of multi-purpose facilities. All this is supported by maintenance, warranty, and installation on a turnkey principle, provided by specialists certified in several fields.


  • Quick problem detection
  • Security and protection of the building
  • Timely prevention of adverse effects
  • Reduction of the number of defects
  • Safe evacuation of people
  • Meeting the legal regulations and standards
  • Organization of the whole network,
  • Optimal communication…