Center for internal diseases “Srce” is a private health institution established in 2003. The center carries out specialist diagnostic examinations. They include detailed examinations when your general practitioner (or another specialist) has established a broad cause of your problems. Patients with problems, which could not have been explained elsewhere, are often referred to “Srce”, and targeted examinations are applied in order to establish the final diagnosis.
The center is specialized in the diagnostics and treatment of cardiovascular diseases, rheumatological consultations, urology treatment, peripheral vascular disease, endocrinology consultations, treatment of thyroid disorders, and gastroenterology.

Center for Internal Diseases SRCE"
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Integrated ICT solution for healthcare organization


Today, technology is changing the landscape of the world and leading us toward a sophisticated technical world. The emerging role of ICT has created a huge impact on Healthcare. It enhances the quality of care, increases patient security and data protection, and reduces operating & administrative costs. In this digital era, people can easily seek, access, learn & communicate with others within a quick span of time. Health education creates awareness among the public about communicable diseases, health status, prevention measures, and various current diagnostic & therapeutic procedures. This gives the freedom to the people to choose the best hospitals and doctors to approach for treatment and to have their life in a healthy way.

Products and solutions

In the healthcare organization Srce, Kabtel implemented an integrated solution, under the turn-key principle, which includes:

  • System HIQ office (automatic control and management of lighting
    and air-conditioning)
  • High-voltage electric installations,
  • Design and installation of LAN network
  • Installation and configuration of WiFi network,
  • Installation and configuration of PBX telephone exchange,
  • Wireless Management System,
  • Installation and configuration of storage,
  • Installation and configuration of a server,
  • Design and implementation of firewall,
  • Design and installation of a video surveillance system,
  • Design and implementation of panic lighting,
  • Installation of fire alarm system,
  • System for access control and recording business hours,
  • Alarm Control System.


In the last few years, there has been an exponential increase in the capacity and capabilities of new technologies that encourage the possibility of very different models of health care. Kabtel follows the trends and in cooperation with our partners in various activities, we are implementing technologies that can help achieve the necessary changes. The implementation of Kabtel’s integrated solution on a wide range of services for healthcare organizations will provide personalized care for patients at the highest level, minimizing the costs for healthcare organizations. Kabtel helps the hospital management to lead the organization in a successful way and overcome challenges and helps the health institutions to improve patient safety and satisfaction and get updated to the latest technology. Through Kabtel ICT team, the traditional healthcare systems can be eliminated and new models can be formed for effective quality care.


  • Greater patient care
  • Improved public health
  • Ease of workflow
  • Lower healthcare costs
  • Better and safer data storage
  • Improved data access
  • Centralized data point
  • Improving the quality of patient’s life
  • Reducing healthcare waste
  • Improving efficiency and quality of care
  • Improved efficiency, leading to savings
  • Possibility to carry on brand new health models…