Tikveš Winery was founded in 1885 in a region with centuries-old wine-making tradition, blessed with perfect natural conditions, warm and passionate people, and a lively, authentic culture. Tikveš has always had a penchant for going beyond expectations, embracing innovation, and conquering new markets. Over the years Tikveš acquired more prime land than any other winery in South Eastern Europe. Tikveš owns the latest technology and employs some of the brightest and most experienced talent in the business, to ensure that the superior quality of Tikveš products is maintained at all times. Tikveš portfolio of fine wines stretches across several categories to fit every occasion, winning numerous highly-acclaimed international awards, year after year.

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BMS< HVAC and electrical installations


The goal of the project was the design and implementation of:

  • High-voltage and low-voltage installations
  • Automation for the HVAC (Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system
  • BMS (Building Management System)
    in the newly built offices of the Tikveš company in Kavadarci.
    The main task of the IAE department of KABTEL was designing, manufacturing, and connecting the control cabinets for the automation part of the HVAC system, which includes 24/7 automatic control and distribution of air quality in the workplaces.
    Design and development of BMS for 24/7 control of heating, cooling, and lighting in every office, with the possibility of control according to the needs of the employees.
    With the successful installation and adjustment of the systems, a fully automated control and an energy-efficient modern workspace have been created.

Products and solutions

Equipment from renowned manufacturers was installed for each of the systems. The HVAC system is equipped by SAUTER and HITACHI, where the SAUTER sensor equipment in combination with the HITACHI PLC controller provides complete and safe control of the HVAC system. CYBROTech – ROBOTINA equipment is installed for BMS.

  • Advanced, easy-to-use system for best working conditions, comfort and efficiency
  • Intuitive user interface for every user and SCADA system for central management
  • Easy setup and integration with any iBMS, HRM, access control, and other systems
  • Local control and automation, energy efficiency, and other services through the cloud


Kabtel is offering integrated solutions: from current installation, HVAC, BMS, and Network infrastructure, all in one turn-key solution. With our vast experience, we are able to offer the most effective custom-made solutions to our customers. Our BMS solutions in combination with wireless monitoring and control systems will provide a significant improvement in energy conservation and occupant comfort over the current systems in use.
A BMS connects the HVAC and different building equipment to work as one integrated unit. Ideally, they should centralize operations and make data easier to visualize using a user interface or console. Our Solutions include:

  • IoT connectivity solutions
  • Multimodal network using copper wire, fiber optics, and wireless
  • Save energy, Deliver comfort, Manage facilities and Data reporting.

Complete optimization of most processes also enables a reduced carbon footprint in nature, by reducing the emission of CO2 into the atmosphere.


With this solution and the European standards of operation, fully automated control and monitoring

  • IoT connectivity solutions
  • Multi-modal network using copper wire, fiber optics, and wireless
  • Save energy
  • Deliver comfort
  • Manage facilities
  • Data reporting
  • Processes without the participation of the human factor
  • Huge savings
  • Maximum efficiency
  • Active contributions to environmental protection are enabled.
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs
  • Improved Safety and Security
  • Enhanced Building Operations and Management.