ZEGIN FARM was established in 1993 with main activities in retail sale of pharmaceuticals, para-pharmaceuticals and medical devices, food products, dietary supplements, cosmetics and macrobiotics. The company is one of the largest and most successful in the country with the best infrastructure and the broadest distribution network, with a chain of 100 pharmacies. ZEGIN FARM- is a leader in the country in the number of customers served, with a market share of 62%. Therefore, the slogan “Pharmaceutical pearl of Macedonia” is truly deserved.

Retail, Pharmaceutical
Products and services:
Cabling, Telephony, Wireless, Cybersecurity


Providing of well structured, highest quality cabling solution as the foundation for the demanding corporate LAN.
Design, implementation and maintenance of comprehensive information and communications systems based on the latest ICT technologies for the head office. Protection of corporate data and devices from common and advanced threats with a high quality managed endpoint protection solution.
Wireless network solution for the main warehouse and offices as an underlaying infrastructure for an integrated software solution for warehousing.

Products and solutions

The following products and solutions were provided and deployed to answer client demands:
Nexans LANmark-6 solution, total length of cable over 3.500 meters and 100 connections
Nexans Optical Fiber SM, total length over 500 meters and 40 connections
Alcatel-Lucent Omn1PCX Office RCE platforms with 120 Alcatel­ Lucent Analogue Phone Sets and 60 Alcatel-Lucent Proprietary Advanced Digital Sets
Kaspersky Endpoint Security Select for 75 client devices and servers
EnGenius Networks Wireless Access Points and Switches for optimal warehouse covering, business application support and mobility of clients
On-site support & training
25 year warranty on all cabling works


•     Intuitive telephony experience with dynamic vocal and graphical guidance
•     Improves communication, boosting employees’ productivity
•     Improves interaction with clients
•     Optimized operational efficiency
•     Increased business continuity
•     Structured and reliable cabling solution
•     Security for critical corporate data and devices
•     Centralized management and insights in security posture
•     Fast, reliable, future-proof WiFi solution
•     Support for business applications and client mobility
•     Support and technical expertise