Located in Macedonia, seven kilometers south of Ohrid, Metropol Lake Resortʼs beautiful setting features 3 hotels, Metropol, Bellevue and Tourist, 800 meters of beach frontage, landscaped gardens and pine woods, and fantastic views overlooking the lake and the surrounding National Park Galicica.The 370 guest rooms and suites, spread across three interlinked buildings, are the largest guest rooms facilities in Ohrid and the region. Designed by acclaimed designers, all interiors have a warm, inviting ambiance. The property also features outdoor swimming pool, lake beach and a host of other lake and land-based activities. From the very beginning at 1975 Metropol Lake Resort has grown and developed by adapting to changing lifestyles. Its new facilities signal a new phase in Metropol Lake Resort history and reaffirm its aim to be a standard of reference within hotels in the region.

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Wireless, Telephony


There is one upgrade that can dramatically increase business and make your customer satisfaction soar ‒ free and reliable WiFi. After all, your goal is to give the people what they want, and the people want WiFi. WiFi is extremely important to travelers. Over 90% of business & leisure travelers want WiFi access in their rooms, while a third stated they would not return to a hotel that did not meet this expectation. Poor quality internet service could translate into a painful loss of business.

Oftentimes neglected, but one of the ground-level communication methods – the telephony, must provide guest with reliability and ease of use, and administrators and hotel staff with enough flexibility, scalability and integration options with billing, SOS or alarm systems that form the complex puzzle of a modern hotel.

Products and solutions

A Telephony solution by Alcatel-Lucent is installed, in a one joint system for all three hotels, to provide employees a reliable, scalable, and cost-effective mean to communicate within the facility, and more importantly with the guests. Its flexibility and integration with third-party systems and applications simplify regular hotel processes such as billing, alarming or similar.

Implemented EnGenius wireless networking solution (EWS330AP / ENS660AP / EWS2910P /EWS7928P) covering all three hotels in the complex – Metropol, Bellevue and Tourist as well as their associated contents, in order to provide maximum comfort to the guests staying in the complex. The EnGenius Indoor & Outdoor Wireless Access Points and ezMaster™ network management software were used to remotely monitor, manage and troubleshoot making centralized network management easy.


•     Affordable WiFi solution
•     Raises Staff Efficiency
•     Easy installation, set up & analytics
•     Low-Cost Management
•     Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
•     Performance
•     Extended Connectivity
•     Scalability
•     Mobility
•     Enhanced brand image
•     Secure Guest Access
•     Outdoor Wireless Mesh Networking
•     Advanced Security Feature
•     Superior signal strength
•     Technical Support
•     Improved guest experience
•     Promotes Customer Loyalty
•     Enhances Guests Browsing Experience
•     Strengthens the bond between hotel&guests
•     Increase of bookings