After 73 years of existence, the Macedonian Philharmonic got its own home. A new music sanctuary that will start writing a new history of the oldest national music institution in the country. The modern concert hall, built according to globally recognized standards, is an example of how the space intended for the symphony orchestra, representing the symphonic works on the Macedonian music scene, should look and function.

Macedonian Philharmonic
Concert venue
Products and services:
Building Management Systems, Wireless, Telephony, Cybersecurity


Building management systems are a vital component to any facility. It is an infrastructure control system that is installed with the aim to make secure and reliable buildings. The system allows for centralized management of infrastructure equipment through an integrated computer-based application (BMS software) and ensures operations are being run efficiently and securely. It gives access to control and monitor activities such as ventilation, heating, lighting, power control, fire and security systems, lifts/elevators, plumbing systems, etc.

Telephony solutions are one of the core communication methods within an organization, as well as with the outside world. They must provide reliability, scalability and flexibility for future integrations.

Wireless network solutions offer visitors the possibility to always stay connected, surf the web or be active on their social media, giving them an enhanced experience of any venue or public space throughout. A system that provides a fast and reliable connection, and supports high density scenarios is key for a publicly used wireless network.

Cyber Security is a must in the digital world. A solution that offers versatile protection against different types of threats, provides control of access to the web or networked systems and gives enriched visibility through reports and statistics is needed in order to protect your network, data and devices safe from harm.

Products and solutions

A Building Management System – a central supervision, management and automatic control system – is designed and installed in the building, and uses the BMS software package, with the help of the novaPro Open software package. The project also covers the underfloor heating
management. The system is connected to the central communications system, managed via a central computer, which is decentralized with the option to control it both manually and locally. The entire system is graphically displayed on the central computer, including all the parameters that are necessary for the operation of each of the systems, with the possibility to adjust them individually. The priorities of operators with different access levels are defined on the central computer. All measurements, including all discrete signals, as well as the signals used for adjustment are displayed visually, while the alarms and warnings are recorded in a database. It is necessary to confirm the alarms so that the system could return to automatic operation (if the alarm status is removed). Basic and application programs for system operation have been installed. The system has the following tasks:
•  Automatic recording, monitoring, and control of work processes
•  Collection of all important parameters and states (temperature, pressure, and humidity measurement, display of active consumers, alarms, display of working hours of individual elements …)
•  Early warning for necessary equipment maintenance
•  Predefined limit values
•  Automated time management to save energy
•  Central selection of cooling or heating modes
•  Ability to store data

A Telephony solution by Alcatel-Lucent is installed to provide employees a reliable, scalable and cost-effective mean to communicate within the organization, and more importantly with the guests interested interested to ask questions or book tickets through the phone booking service.

Wireless network solution by EnGenius Networks is implemented in order to enhance visitor’s experience, offering a quick, stable and reliable connection throughout the building.

A Cyber Security solution in the way of NGFW from the brand Sophos is installed to provide maximum protection and control of the network, devices and data passing through.


•     Energy efficiency & reduced labor
•     Real-time view into systems and data analysis allows immediate detection of errors and exceeding the parameters important for facility operation
•     Ease of information availability
•     Generating a database for system operation that is necessary for techno – economic analyses
•     Effective use of maintenance staff
•     Early detection of problems
•     Reduced risk
•     Intelligent reporting
•     Simplified communication
•     More satisfied users and visitors
•     Safety and security