Certiadria is international education and certification company, established and based in Adriatic region, working in the following ten countries: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Kosovo, Malta, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia. Certiadria is committed on providing educational and certification services in the Adriatic region for global professional impact and builds strong connections between academic and industry world. What differentiates and gives unique value to Certiadria are the partnerships established with the world’s leaders in publishing and certification.

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Physical Security Systems, Wireless


Products and solutions

Fully integrated turnkey-based solution for increased efficiency and cost optimization.

Video surveillance system – This system is needed for the 24-hour technical security of the facility. Greater security and protection of the facility.

Fire alert system – Timely alert and early detection of fire in the facility, based on smoke sensors, heat, and smoke sensors, and conventional and addressable fire alarm systems for safe evacuation of students and staff.

Alarm Unit System – Alarm systems are designed to detect unauthorized access to a particular facility or premises. When the system is activated through the detection devices, it detects an unusual situation and immediately switches on the sirens or alerts the authorized security agency.

Wireless connection systems – Uninterrupted WiFi connection throughout the facility and access to both the Internet and the resources within the internal network. WiFi creates opportunities for mobility, initiative, and innovation, especially demonstrated by educational applications.

Video surveillance system – Installation, implementation, set-up and commissioning of a complete video surveillance system with IP cameras for the technical security of the facility.

Fire Alarm System – According to the needs of the facility and project, conventional six-zoned units has been installed. The following elements of an early fire detection system have been installed: conventional optical fire detectors, conventional thermal detectors, conventional manual fire alarm and conventional fire alarm siren. Full integration and implementation of the fire alarm system.

Alarm Control System – An alarm system is installed which consists of PIR detectors for movement detection, sirens for external and internal installation. The entire system connection is in the alarm unit, via additional modules for connecting the PIR detectors. The system is controlled via LCD monitor, display of alphanumeric messages and symbols, programmable function keys, 4 signal LED lights.

Wireless connection system – The complete solution is based on EnGenius controlled wireless systems where all access points are connected in a single system, allowing uninterrupted roaming of users within the facility, as well as monitoring and managing the entire wireless network from one central location.


•     Quick problem detection
•     Facility security and protection
•     Timely prevention of undesired events
•     Reduction in the number of defects
•     Safe evacuation of people
•     Simplified network monitoring and control
•     Modern educational processes
•     Compliance with legislation and standards
•     Guarantee
•     Support